A hidden gem for luscious coffee in a Ste-Agathe shopping mall parking lot!

I love discovering a sustainable business that is working off the beaten track. This next story is just that!

My family and friends know that I am very picky about my coffee. I prefer to not have a coffee if it means that it is bitter, tasteless or watery. My sister Cynthia, knowing my propensity for good coffee, sent me to Café Couleur, in Ste Agathe during my last visit up North.

entrance to brulerie

The décor is adorable both inside and out. Annie, the owner of the shop is often seen roasting her own coffee.

Roasting coffee

If asked, she is happy to share with you the basics of roasting her global mix of fair trade beans. Best of all, the cafe’s take-away paraphernalia is all biodegradable and the used grains are collected by a local organic tea company that uses the  biomass to make luscious compost.

couleur cafe

If you cannot find the time to stop in Ste-Agathe and are heading further north, you can also find another one of their cafes at Mont Tremblant. It is definitely worth the stop in terms of enjoying a good flavourful cup of java with an environmental consciousness to boot!

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