Exotic Drinks from Bali’s Shores

What does one do in Bali when the heavens will not let up, in other words, the rain will not subside?…Well, after an intense abs and stretching session, Frederic and I headed down to the sunshine bar (now that is quite amusing) and signed up for a Balinese Bar Session.


The hour and a half we spent tasting the local liqueurs and creating a mélange of martinis, highballs and shots was entertainment for the two of us as well as the barmen, thank you Indra and Robin, and a multitude of surrounding guests.


I decided to practice making a local specialty called Mimpi Manis. The direct translation for this Balinesian concoction is Mimpi(Dream)Manis(Sweet) so Sweet Dream. I was not quite prepared for dreaming at three in the afternoon but it was a memorable libation that lulled me into a well deserved afternoon snooze.


1oz(30ml)   Bacardi rum

0.5oz(15ml) Orange curacao

0.5oz(15ml) Tequilla

0.5oz(15ml)  Balimoon banana liqueur

1.5oz(45ml)  Guava juice

Place all the ingredients in a shaker.

Fill with ice, replace top and shake, shake, shake.

shake shake shake

Pour into a cooled martini glass and garnish with whatever you have on hand.

(Please note that Bols also makes a banana liqueur)


While I was busy mixing up my cocktail, Frederic was preoccupying his instructors with an I-phone app full of interesting drinks. He made a number of shots including one of my favorites, a melon ball shot. Paul and I had a good laugh since that was the shot of choice at our 10th wedding anniversary when our basement was transformed into a nightclub with acrylic flooring, strob lights and a turning disco ball.


1oz(30ml)  vodka

1oz(30ml)  Midori liqueur

1oz(30ml)  Pineapple juice

Place all ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice.


Cover and shake.

Pour into shot glasses




Love this shot’s green colour! It should be considered a Balinese drink since much of the moss covered temples and rice fields, in this stunning country, are awash with this brilliant green that brings a smile to my face.

We all had a wonderful afternoon and best of all, I now have a whole new selection of drinks to add to my bar repertoire.

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