Luke’s Lobster, a Taste of Maine

My daughter Charlotte recently moved to DC after graduating from UVA. From the day she was born in Paris, she has been a gourmande, so I have asked her to join my quest by guest blogging for me. It is a win win situation since she gets to discover her new city through food and I get to have an other point of view on restaurant responsibility with waste and making a difference. We both thought it would be fitting for her to write her first food blog on a topic we know best…lobster and Maine.


Summer has always been my favorite time of year. What could possibly be better than sitting by the beach contemplating whether 54 degrees is worth getting in the ocean, all the while sipping a refreshing lemonade and enjoying a local lobster roll, a treat that I never seemed to find done right any where else. Having recently graduated college and entered what many of my peers call the “real world”, I have found it far more difficult (read: impossible) to find time for a trip to the Maine coast.  I wasn’t content however living through the D.C. heat without at least a little bit of my usual summer so when some family friends from Maine told me about Luke’s Lobster I made sure to check it out.

Having eliminated the middleman thanks to close relations with the lobstermen in his home state of Maine, Luke of Luke’s Lobster has found a way to deliver deliciously fresh lobster at an affordable price. Since Maine has the most lobster-friendly fishing laws, you can enjoy your roll guilt-free.

As for my beverage, I was pleased to find that my lemonade was of the “fair trade” persuasion. Being unsure of what this actually meant, I made a mental note to look up Maine Root later that night. And boy was I glad I did. The brother duo behind Maine Root prides itself on the company’s environmental responsibility. Beyond supporting organic farmers, the company uses a vegetable-powered VW Jetta running on recycled fryer oil from local restaurants to deliver their beverages to numerous sellers in the Portland area.

Root Maine Lemonade
Red velvet anything makes me weak in the knees so although not usually a fan of whoopie pies, I caved when I saw the red velvet variation on the menu. Lets just say I’m now seriously reconsidering my former judgment of whoopie pies. Thank you B. Hall Baker!

Whoopie pie


So, even though I won’t be making it up to Maine this summer, I can sleep easy knowing that my lobster roll, lemonade and a picturesque Maine coast are only a few subway stops away.

Luke's lobster images

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