L’Autre Choix, is the Best Choix

Welcome to your personalized pantry where chalkboards describe the latest produce and shelves are teaming with bins of nuts and dried fruits; as well as a wide selection of organic products.


Down from Sherbrooke street, on Victoria ave, I was sent to a small grocery store where all the products are organic and most of the fresh produce is from within a 100 km radius of Montreal. Winter has proven to be a struggle but the little store that could is making its mark.

Clara Kwan, a graduate from The Study and Concordia University, started this endeavor because she could not find a job. After 9 months of unemployment, she decide to embark on her journey of discovery and sustainability. A year later, her efforts are paying off and her life lessons are inspiring and plentiful.  Clara is excited for the arrival of spring and summer, when the fresh produce will finally become easier to find. Winter, as expected, has proven to be a little more difficult.

According to Clara, “the winter season is a difficult one; Quebec farmers say that there is not enough sunlight to grow fresh produce in greenhouses”.  During the winter months, she is therefore forced to get her greens from as far away as California and her root veggies come from the storage facilities of her Quebec farmers.


Only 100 meters down from Metro is your healthy choice. Take a meander to L’Autre Choix to see that healthy and organic does not mean excessive prices. It does, however, mean that you might learn a little more about where your food is coming from!

Go shop and make a difference!


Another Choice

Mini Market

330 A Avenue Victoria

Westmount, Quebec


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