Mario Battelli a hit in a Singapore shopping mall

After two weeks of a vast selection of Asian delicacies, prepared in an array of different manners, ranging from Thai, Malay, Balinese and Indonesian, Frederic and I decided to try our luck at Mario Batelli’s famous Pizzeria Mozza. I had the chance to try one of Mario’s eateries at his enormous food warehouse called Eataly in NY city this past summer, so I was excited to see what he was offering in Singapore.

I was genuinely surprised at the quality of the food as well as the level of sustainability of the restaurant. Recycled paper table settings with intriguing facts about Italy, Italians, pizzas and eating habits of various societies. No plastic, only glass bottles of water and fizzy drinks. Though food is not necessarily local, since very little is local in Singapore, the recipes do use seasonal items such as roasted pineapple and rosemary to make a tasty ice tea.


The pizzas all looked highly appetizing. They are described as artisanal, made to order, with light crusts and a choice of intriguing toppings. Frederic chose the Pizza El Beno, which arrived with a topping of thinly sliced pineapple, speck and jalapeno peppers on a bed of fresh tomato sauce  and a light covering of parma cheese.


The salad I chose was a symphony of tastes in every mouthful. On the menu, it is called Nancy’s chopped salad. Not sure who Nancy is, I think one of the owners, but her chopped salad is worth a detour. I remember when chopped salads were the in thing about 20 years ago and I have no idea why they are no longer popular. If done properly, which it was, the various flavours of greens, meats, cheeses and fresh herbs mix with the light lemon vinaigrette to scream scrumptious in every bite.

Both Frederic and I left Mozza feeling 100% satisfied and would gladly return on our next trip to Singapore.

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