Oryx Desert Salt, Healthy Body and Soul

According to worldwide gastronomy gurus, designer salts are part of this year’s  food trend.At the Taste of Cape Town, last weekend, there were a number of designer salts on hand. There was one in particular, the Oryx Desert Salt, that I found to be healthy for both the body and the soul.


Oryx is the name of a large antelope, which has four distinct species. The one pictured on the salt packet is known as the Gemsbok. It is an animal that thrives in near-desert conditions, hence the Kalahari. Another interesting fact about this antelope is that their newborns begin to follow the herd, the minute they are born. This fact gives a whole new definition to the expression “hitting the ground running”.

Samantha and I

Back to the Oryx salt representative, Samantha, who was on hand to explain the important qualities of her salt. We also discussed her packaging that showed great respect for the environment since even her canvas bags were wrapped in recyclable plastic.

Oryx salt

Oryx Desert Salt is harvested in the Kalahari desert, in South Africa, from an ancient underground brine lake. Unlike the Himalayan pink salt, which comes from dwindling salt mine resources, the Oryx salt beds are fed by three underground streams making them a sustainable, renewable and local resource here in South Africa.

This pure and natural salt is unprocessed, unrefined and sun-dried. Unlike the supermarket-style iodized salt, this product is full of trace minerals that are necessary for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You do not need to be a professional athlete either to enjoy the benefits of this salt

There is also a life-altering social to this product. For every bag of salt sold, a percentage of the sales are donated to the Xaus Lodge, which is owned buy the Khomani San and Mier Communities. These communities are finally able to profit from resources on their land.

I believe in supporting local and sustainable businesses so good buy foreign salt and hello South African seasonings. Local is lekker!


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