Smoked Salmon Spread

So many parties in a week…Easter then the Royal Wedding… Pour yourself a glass of champagne and enjoy these tasty treats.

I am always looking for new ways to save and recycle food in my kitchen. Since moving to South Africa, I have become a lot more aware of waste and how we must come up with new ways to reuse and recycle food items.

Smoke salmon is a luxury that I now recycle as well. If I do not finish all of my salmon, I usually cut it up and freeze it for future use in pasta, an omelet or this spread.

In the past, I am embarrassed to say, that a couple of slices would lay in the bottom of my meat and cheese drawer waiting to be used but often ending up at the bottom of my rubbish bin. Impress the hell out of your guests with your quick, last minute hors d’oeuvre, while also reducing your food waste.

Smoked salmon spread
Author: Mary
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: makes aprox.2 1/2 C
  • 1C salmon pieces
  • 1C cream cheese or smooth cottage cheese
  • ½ C light cream
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1tbsp horseradish cream
  • 1tsp chopped chives
  • fresh cracked pepper
  1. Mix all these ingredients together and let sit an hour before serving.
  2. Serve with pita chips or use as a spread for a smoked salmon and arugula roll.

The salmon roll is simple to create by spreading some salmon spread on a slice of salmon then sprinkle with capers. Roll the slices around the arugula leaves and presto an impressive appetizer is born.

Ingredients for the salmon rolls

Ingredients for the salmon rolls

Salmon roll with salmon spread

Impressive beginnings

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