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I have asked my daughter Charlotte, who has recently moved to DC, to search for sustainable, good restaurants in all price ranges so here is one of many to come…

There are many things that I inherited from my mother. Her prowess in the kitchen was definitely not one of them. In order to survive once I moved out into my own apartment, I quickly became attached to my Magic Bullet and perfected the art of the smoothie. Some might even say that my extensive smoothie knowledge makes me a connoisseur.

I had been living in Arlington for a month before I discovered what I thought must have been a mirage. How could a restaurant specialize in two of my favorite foods…smoothies AND burritos? It seemed too good to be true.

Sustainable tree

Located a block south of Clarendon Boulevard, South Block Smoothie & Wrap Co serves delicious food from breakfast until dinner seven days a week. A locally grown business, they use primarily organic and locally sourced foods and emphasize that they put the earth first. Their take away containers are all 100% compostable and they utilize Greenware Cups for all their smoothies because, as Greenware’s motto suggests, “cups made from plants make a difference.”

Bluebery smoothie

After spending far too long speculating about what we might find inside my roommate and I finally decided to stop by for dinner. Having divergent tastes, we were delighted by the selection on the menu as well as the abundance of words I had seen in numerous health and fitness magazines. I may not know the nutritional benefits of acai berries or organic wheatgrass but I had hear enough about both of them to know they were much better for me than much of what I keep in my own fridge.

Fair trade coffee

There was even a trail mix bar!

Trail mix bar

Even though my roommate and I couldn’t agree which of us had made the better smoothie selection, we were both adamant about one thing: we would be back to continue exploring the menu very soon.

3 Things I did not know about South Block until I went in:

1)    South Block is home of Pleasant Pops. These delicious Mexican inspired treats can be found on their             truck that roams D.C. as well as in a handful of stores. Serious yum factor.

Yogurt pops

2)    They cater!

3)    South Block is the sister restaurant of Campus Fresh, located in the Lerner Health & Wellness Center           at George Washington University


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