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According to Webster’s online dictionary, Foraging is: To wander in search of food or provisions. I wandered into The Olympia Café a few days ago in search of food and was pleasantly surprised by what I found…foraged pine ring mushrooms from Tokai forest.

As much as I love to walk through Tokai forest foraging for food, I am usually on high alert, trying to circumvent the piles of dog pooh on the paths and watch that my dogs are not creating too much havoc. The surrounding vegetation and endless views from this forest are breathtaking. Little did I know that I was also able to uncover a bevy of fungi treasures. These mushrooms are both the edible and poisonous types so beware, do not try to eat them unless you are a funghi expert.

Foraged pine rings at Olympia Cafe

Foraged pine rings from Tokai Forest at Olympia Cafe

Since I love mushrooms, but am far from knowledgeable on the subject, the second best plan after foraging is to eat at an establishment where local, foraged produce is available.

Olympia Cafe

Olympia café is the perfect destination with its vineyard in its backyard, local “for sale” artwork on the walls and heavenly bread products for sale in the restaurant and bakery. The daily specials written out on blackboards are always full of local tasty treats.

Best of all, the chefs are willing to make changes to their specials to accommodate dietary needs. I do not eat bacon so rather than having the pine rings with bacon, I was able to persuade them that scrambled eggs on toast with sautéed pine rings on the side and a roasted tomato would be heavenly. Top that off with a fair trade cappuccino and my day was made.


Scrambled eggs and pine ring mushrooms

Olympia Cafe scrambled eggs and foraged pine ring mushrooms


If you do not have the chance to forage for mushrooms, take a walk in the forest then drive down to Kalk Bay. Olympia Café’s view of the working harbor with Cape Point in the distant is a treat not to be missed.

Olympia Cafe entrance in Kalk Bay

A fitting entrance to Olympia Cafe in Kalk Bay

134 Main Road
Kalk Bay

021 7886396

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