Super Superette!

As I wandered down Albert road, in Woodstock, with Meredith, my gallery hound, and her three adorable children, my eyes were immediately drawn to a light and airy space with Superette emblazoned on the large glass storefront window.


We were off to check out some works of art at What If The World Gallery but as usual, I was sidetracked by the desire to have some good, nourishing food. It was 11:30 and I had only eaten a boiled egg for breakfast, so can you really blame me!  Not wanting to miss a food op, I gathered up Eden, Meredith’s 18 month old munchkin, and headed off to reserve a family table for noon.

Needless to say, our visit was a wonderful one especially since Cameron, one of the Neighbourgoods Market’s gurus and owner of Superette, was willing to give me the low down on Superette’s sustainable side.

From the moment we walked into the retro style diner, with furniture resembling my pre-fab 1960’s dollhouse furniture with touches of yellow interspersed through out the space, I felt right at home. Simplicity, grey walls, yellow accents and local traveling art on the walls are far from my décor but it works so well for Superette.

Happy customers

Cameron was quick to point out that he supports local artists by showcasing their works as well as furnishing his restaurant with locally made chairs and tables. The wood used for all his furniture is from sustainable forests. There is also a bit of recycling with the refrigeration display case.


Fab food to complement fab décor best describes what was to follow. Three children and three adults pounced on an array of lunch delicacies. My vegetarian croque-madame was scrumptious. Oozing with cheese, the roasted vegetables were layered to rest on yummy focaccia. I believe the bread is bought from a local supplier though I neglected to ask! Cameron did tell me that as much as possible is supplied locally. Wild Organics, in Woodstock, is their main purveyor of eggs and veggies. They also support a farm in Napier.

Croque monsieur vegetarian style

Now back to the food…Meredith and family munched on a selection of salads and sandwiches. The porc belly sandwich melted in their mouths and the bacon, chicken and pesto sandwich was a big hit. By the end, the kids were competing for the tasty fillings, leaving the bread for the soon-to-be developed compost heap.

Yummy chicken and bacon sandwich

The waste factor at Superette is not yet clear. Yes, they do recycle cans, glass and paper both at the restaurant and the market. The green waste is given to a farmer, though there was also talk of worm farming if they could get the flies under control. I was quick to offer Mary Murphy’s name. She is the queen of worms and is responsible for the setting up of many industrial worm farms around the Cape through her Full-Cycle Recycling business.

Superette is well on its way to making a difference in sustainability even down to its bamboo utensils and excellent ice cream served in 100% biodegradable cardboard bowls. Thank you to Tilly’s hand-made ice cream whose flavours are original and whose creamy texture reminds me of my farm experience in Eastern Canada many moons ago. Yet another story to be told!

Ice cream

Beyond the food, the decor and the atmosphere, Superette was welcoming to our brood of children. The staff was accommodating and the ladies in the kitchen had an infectious laugh that demanded a photo. Thank you to all, we will be back.

Good food good chefs

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