Organic Market throughout the year up North of Montreal at Val David

My brother invited our family to the lake in the Laurentians for the weekend on the one condition that I visit the organic market in Val David. What a wonderful surprise to be forced to engage in something I love to do!

Though we did arrive a few hours late, our experience was worth the stop. From the moment we walked into the market area, my senses were greeted with the inviting sights, tastes and aromas of locally produced foodstuffs. Not only was the fresh produce worth tasting but there were also a number of other interesting purveyors on hand sharing their knowledge and wares.

Our first stop was a raw food café and chef school called Kirlian Cafe. The two women manning the both offered lots of interesting tips on the art of preparing and eating raw food. They offer classes throughout the Montreal region. To get more info, check out their web site We enjoyed a fruit and veggie booster drink that was apple green in colour and bursting with flavor. This café is worth a visit in Val David, if you do not make it to the market.

Raw food

Raw food sandwiches

Some raw food sandwich treats.


Moving down the line, I was in search of some free-range lamb for dinner. Fresh, karoo free range lamb is so easy to find in South Africa but due to government regulations in Quebec, home grown lamb is harder to find. We did finally come across a Greek Orthodox nuns from the Monastery of the Virgin Mary the consolatory that not only sold flavorful lamb kebabs but also lovely cheeses. They have a boutique online for those interested in their ware.(

Commercial nuns

Another booth worth visiting, especially since they offer yummy tasters!

Cheese delights


As the market flows through the back streets of Val-David, I must admit that the colours of the fresh produce brought a smile to my face. The last of the seasonal tomatoes and peppers were brimming with colour and flavor. Gourds and pumpkins were just beginning to appear, marking the start of the fall season.

Bursting with flavour


As we continued our gastronomical journey, we encountered La Boulange aux trois levains bakery. Various seed and cheese breads of different shapes and sizes were available to buy. The quinoa bread that I finally settled on was a delicious treat that we devoured the following morning. My son Frederic, could not hold off on tasting the crispy baguette that we purchased for the evening meal. His delight was decidedly palatable as he chomped on the French loaf as we drove to the house. This artisanal bakery is found on rue Morin in Val-David when they are not at the market.(819-322-3839).



My final stop, as we were been ushered out of the market, was at a stand that sold recycled bottles. As I took a closer look, I noticed that these bottles were melted into different shapes depending on their use. Spoon holder or candle cradle, Hugo is able to transform our everyday recyclable garbage into an attractive alternative. If anyone is interested in his wares, he can be reached at I applaud his work at reusing glass bottles.

Hugo's art work


If you are looking for something to do before the cold hits, I would definitely consider a Saturday stroll at Val-David’s organic market. This is the last weekend for outdoor strolling but they have a monthly indoor market throughout the winter.

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