Tennis Canada making its way to zero waste

I have had the chance to attend a number of sporting events this year and I must admit that Tennis Canada has blown my socks off with their green plan of zero waste in the next few years.

In June, I was at the US Golf Open in Washington, DC where I watched trash bins fill with hundreds of plastic bottles. The fast food was above average in taste but was served in large non-recyclable plastic containers that found their way into the garbage bins rather than the recycling containers!

Speed forward a month and a half and once again, I am blessed to be seeing some amazing professional athletes. This time, it is top tennis players strutting their stuff on Montreal courts at the Rogers Cup. Djokovic not only put on a good show on the court but after his win, he was very entertaining with his audience.


Rogers Tennis

Beyond the tennis, my eagle eyes also picked up on some great recycling work that is being done on the grounds. The bins are not only highly informative but there are volunteers who are there to assure the correct items are being put in the proper bins. Without even realizing it, tennis viewers are also being educated on recycling. It is amazing to see how little the average individual knows about recycling and composting.

Recycling Rogers Tennis

No worries, Cascade has ensured that everyone can be educated by either looking at the pictures on the bins or being gently told where they can put their various food waste.

Rogers Tennis

Not only is the public being educated but so are all the concessions on the grounds. They all have to play the game by offering all their food in compostable containers with biodegradable utensils. There are even helpers in the back that rummage through the waste to ensure that the correct items were placed in the proper bins.

Rogers Tennis

Last year, Tennis Canada was able to reduce their waste by 75% at the Roger’s Cup proving that they are on their way to achieving zero waste in the near future. Congratulations to a sporting event that is making a difference while also making money!

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