People’s Pops during a Stroll Down NY’s High Line

After a fulfilling meal and stroll along NY city’s latest tourist attraction, the High Line, I was drawn to yet another food experience entailing fresh, locally grown fruit and ice. The concept is brilliant and oh so refreshing when it is nearing 95F (35C)in the city.


People’s pops creates fruit pops from locally grown organic fruit. They are not the normal artificial tasting pops, that we are so fast to dispense to our children on a hot summer day, but rather interesting flavored, healthy shaped freezer pops that are served on wood sticks. A sample of the daily flavors include: basil and peaches, jasmine and rhubarb, yellow plum and tarragon, blueberry and ginger.


If a pop is not what you are craving, there is also a shaved ice option. A large ice cube is is scraped down by a cheese grater-like tool and human manpower to fill a cup with snowy ice crystals. The ice is then showered with a choice of two possible daily flavors, depending on what fruits are available from the farms. My flavor choice for the day was red plum. which was far superior to any snow cone I can ever recall.


Wether a pop or shaved ice,  the refreshing blast of flavor is so thirst-quenching as it melts in your mouth or in the cup depending on how fast you can eat your fruit explosion.

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